BaroSolutions Wellness and Weight Loss, based out of Dallas, Texas, offers a unique approach to weight loss that ensures success. BaroSolutions understands that no two people are alike, and therefore, require weight loss strategies that are custom to their specific needs.

After signing up with the program, the weight loss professionals will assess a patient’s physical condition using the BioNutritional Profile. This method is more than a decade in the making and takes into account eating a client’s behaviors, genetic history, stressors, metabolism, and hundreds of other factors. In addition, the BMI Plus method used by BaroSolutions Wellness & Weight Loss not only considers the client’s body mass index, but also their unique body shape. Using this information, doctors can determine their true body type and create a custom weight loss plan that is proven to get rid of stubborn accumulated body fat.

BaroSolutions Wellness & Weight Loss has clinics throughout the United States and Canada, making it easy to find a location near you. The facilities at each location feature a qualified team of physicians, dietitians, researchers, and nutritional consultants who will work with you every step of the journey. This, paired with the science based weight loss programs, and physician-designed weight loss supplements guarantees that clients will achieve their goals.

The extensive line of supplements includes detox and cleanses; carb blockers; fat burners, and fat metabolizers, all of which are safe and effective. The weight loss supplements also ensure that while the client’s body is cutting down fat, it is also retaining the nutrition it needs to remain healthy and strong.

The latest supplements and weight loss strategies, combined with unparalleled access to a team of experts ensure that patients will find a program best suited to their specific needs. Experience the difference. Call BaroSolutions Wellness & Weight Loss to schedule a consultation and start changing your life today!



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