Optima XH- 4 Week Rapid Weight Loss Program


barosolutions_optima_xh_4_week_rapid_weight_lossBaroSolutions Wellness and Weight Loss offers an array of custom weight loss plans that can help clients meet even their most ambitious objectives. Every person’s weight loss journey is unique and BaroSolutions is equipped to deal with these special needs. More than a decade of research has allowed the company to develop breakthrough weight loss program, including a program called Optima XH.

This program is not just safe, but quick and powerful. Many patients choose Optima XH if they are focused on shedding weight fast for an upcoming event, such as a reunion or wedding. Over the course of four weeks, clients can jump-start their health reclamation and transition into a more long-term weight stabilization and wellness program.

If clients are fully compliant with this program, they can expect to lose between 20 and 30 pounds. To maintain their goal, however, they must transition into ‘maintenance,’ by determining what BioNutritional Profile fits them best. Read more about what the BioNutritional Profile offers here.

When clients sign up for the Optima XH program, they will be provided with:

  • 4-week supply of NutriPexTM Supplement
  • 2 nutritional life coaching sessions.
  • 24 hour access to your Personal Nutritional Coach.
  • 4-week supply of Carb Blocker XR
  • Daily exercise and diet plan matched to your body type deemed by BioNutritional Profile.
  • Access to the BioNutritional Profile, which includes a low calorie cookbook.
  • Access to an online weight loss community for added support.

In addition, clients also have access to:

  • Targeted mini-physical and Biometric analysis
  • 4 weeks of online weight loss coaching, personalized by our professionals.
  • Comprehensive nutritional history, intake, and evaluation with a lifestyle and environmental assessment
  • Tracking tools
  • Breakthrough technology that allows clients to see how they will look when they reach their goal weight.
  • Comprehensive progress assessment

To learn more about BaroSolutions Wellness and Weightloss, visit socialcareerbuilder.com or about.me.